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You are a radiant sun.
It's time to rise and shine.


Would you like to be more at home in your body, and to enjoy the sounds you produce?

Are you longing for words, movements and aligned action to more readily flow
uninhibited from the river which is your soul?

Are you consciously ready to start a purpose-led project or media channel,
but challenged to make any significant or inspired progress?

If you desire to be creating your living expression differently,
then you have come to the right place. 

Elevated Expression is where your readiness for
a different self-expression will be able to meet your physical reality. 


For many years, I silenced myself. As a teenager, I hid in the library during break time because the only friends I trusted were the books which held me with their stories.

I internalised many experiences from my childhood as big traumas - and as an otherworldly kid that nobody knew how to help I began to self-destruct, until one day at 19 years-old i found myself incarcerated.

It was my first shocking awakening, and the beginning of finding my unique voice, born out of the tension between what was inside my heart and the injustice around me.

I serve people who long to feel at home within themselves, who want to speak from their heart and turn their shadows into the pure gold of awakened self-expression.

I also assist creatives who find themselves stuck in their practice or flow, or are looking for a special boost with their work.

Perhaps you are meant to leave your tiresome job and start a business, yet the fuel for the change never arrives - and you have an inkling it could be because you're actually terrified. Maybe you are a seasoned vocalist, but you know there is old emotional pain in the way of those incredible high notes, and you want to reach them. Or it could be that a lifetime ago, someone you thought you could trust silenced you and it has stuck like a ball in your throat until this very day.

Well, in the loving and brutal words of Audre Lorde,
"Your silence will not protect you."

Why? When we are bottled up, uncontrolled explosions happen. When there is a voice singing inside us which is longing to be heard, but we shove it away or tell it to be quiet, it is only a matter of time before we realise we are living a life of deep dissatisfaction.

The funny thing is that the concealed dimension, our innermost voice, is one of the most powerful parts of ourselves. She is simply hiding in from this world of conformity because she thinks its safer to not stand out.

Are you ready to become the most powerful version of yourself,
to write your own story and create your own path?

Let's awaken your beautiful roar.


"I have had an in-person healing session, zoom sessions and am currently in Ditha's Expression Keys course and had profound shifts in my ability to express on all levels. She also helped to unlock my ability to speak light language, assisting me to shift throat blockages, and to feel confident within myself. I can recommend sessions with her will be POWERFUL and full of clarity."

C.G. - In-Person, Christchurch, New Zealand

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