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Passionate awakenings from closet to Screen, from page to Stage, and from confidence to Ray-diance.

Let us help you to Expression Up-level.

At Elevated Expression, we get our clients goals a Reality.

We exist so that our clients can Up-level their Self-Expression -

to live a more liberated, fulfilling and sexy life.

Imagine you're playing a sparkly video game to collect Stars (wearing the Best Outfit Everrr), and you have to jump through fiery hoops on the back of a Unicorn to do it...


Well, we are your Unicorn.

And the Stars? They are the ways you desire to express yourself with Fun, Freakiness and Fertile Flow.

The higher you ascend within the game, the more your Self-Expression Grows.


To nail the final challenge, you stand on a stage in front of thousands of people and sing a hit song. You remember every crafted lyric, each sizzling dance move and you perform it all with SOUL.


Of course, the outcome of your biggest Expression is completely unique and individual.

We are not all pop stars, but we all take centre stage in our own lives, relationships and careers.

One thing is for sure : If you want an Expression Up-Level, we are the ones to help you with it.

Expression Up-levels can happen across a variety of categories: ​Emotional Expression - This is about how we emote externally which really reflects how we express emotions within ourselves. We develop emotional maturity with this category. Mental Expression : This is about the way our thoughts are handled and commanded - what relationship do we have with the world inside our head? The goal of this category is mindset mastery. Relational Expression : This is about increasing the quality of depth and clarity in our relationships - by working on how we express ourselves in interpersonal situations and with conflict.  Performative Expression : This is about how we perform in situations where we are expressing to many people. It might be at work, in front of a camera or in a dance studio. This kind of Expression Up-Level has to do with how we use our body, voice and Presence to make an impact. There is a focus on developing Confidence here. Soul Expression : This is the least tangible of the Expression Categories and has very much to do with the soul expressing itself to our mind, body or emotions with a variety of extra-sensory phenomena. Sometimes the soul expresses itself with goosebumps. Sometimes a memory of a lost time. Sometimes a full-on vision of something which cannot be explainesd. Whatever it is, the Soul Speaks, and it must be listened to. Here at Elevated Expression, we are very good at hearing what the Soul has to say.

Our facilitator ArunDitha

shares a bit of the ethos

behind Elevated Expression


Client Feedback

"I have had an in-person healing session, zoom sessions and am currently in Ditha's Expression Keys course and had profound shifts in my ability to express on all levels. She also helped to unlock my ability to speak light language, assisting me to shift throat blockages, and to feel confident within myself. I can recommend sessions with her will be POWERFUL and full of clarity."

C.G. - In-Person, Christchurch, New Zealand



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