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You are a radiant sun.
It's time to rise and shine.


Lifetimes, centuries, lightyears of knowledge, information and wisdom
are contained within each vein, each breath, each capilliary of you.

Many of us carry our gifts back into the earth from where they came, without expanding to our highest potential, but since you are here, I guess that's not you.

I'm guessing a part of you knows you came to fully express yourself as a creative masterpiece, whatever shape it takes. I've known since childhood that there is something specific I was born to do, as I am sure a part of you has always known too. 

Honestly? I believe we came here to share our spark, to roar, dance, play and inspire.
I believe that we came here to co-create - whether as an entrepreneur, or an employee for a business we believe in. Whether as an artist, a healer, a coach, or a conscious parent - the masterpiece takes many forms and wears many skins.


I was born within a rupture. 6 hours after my exit from the womb the universe stitched me back together again, and I still have a solid slash across my chest to prove it.

When I was growing up, I wouldn't wear a bikini because I thought the scar on my chest demonstrated my imperfections - in fact my real scar was the feeling of unworthiness which plagues us all.

In order to be the creative expression of the divine who I know I am, I've had to work through so much self-censorship, fear of what other people think, and just sheer disbelief in myself when instead the way forward is always faith and self-liberation.

Maybe you are a singer, but the shadows block your voice from reaching incredible heights. Or perhaps you are meant to create a new project, yet the fuel never arrives and the fire never sparkles. It could even be that a long time ago, someone you trusted silenced you and it has stuck like a ball in your throat your entire life.

Well, in the words of Audre Lorde,
"Your silence will not protect you."

Why? When we are bottled up, uncontrolled explosions happen and they are often not the happy kind. When we remain silent even though there is a voice singing inside us, we dishonour ourselves. The life we have been given takes on a painfully hidden dimension.

If you are ready to express the reality you desire to know, to create a new world for yourself and those around you, then this might be your space. Let's awaken your most beautiful roar.



"I have had an in-person healing session, zoom sessions and am currently in Ditha's Expression Keys course and had profound shifts in my ability to express on all levels. She also helped to unlock my ability to speak light language, assisting me to shift throat blockages, and to feel confident within myself. I can recommend sessions with her will be POWERFUL and full of clarity."

C.G. - In-Person, Christchurch, New Zealand


Shamanic Healing

Using soul retrievals, extraction, light language, quantum fieldwork and ancient technologies from my ancestors + bloodline, we shift blocks and open new spaces for a different reality to express itself through the physical and non-physical information you put out into your world.

Light Language

The soulful abstraction of light language can be deeply healing for those who have suffered lifetimes of alienation and a feeling of displacement from their human form. We came here to be human and one of the ways into the body is to connect with all of our other selves.

Vocal Transformation

Combining a decade of experience as a professional singer with an awareness of the quantum field, as well as intuitive body-mapping, my clients find ways to reach new places in their voices and consequently unlock long-lived barriers in their consciousness.

Embodiment Practices and Performance Tech

What does it feel like to be the fully-expressed human you have always dreamed of being? Let's open up a space for you to be her. We will employ more than 15 years of knowledge as a performance professional to bring the desired version of you to life in your physical expression.

Somatics and Bodywork

Intuitive touch and non-touch methods to work directly with the energy field and sense body, coming from my ancestral wisdom, and training as a master and apprentice in different energy healing modalities.

Theta States

With my extensive training in entering and holding space for lower-brainwave states, my clients find it easy to feel safe and calm in my presence, opening up a wealth of subconscious information and making deep transformation readily available.

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