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Hello, my old friend.

We Meet Again. Across Time and Space,

Across Universe and Ancestry, Across

Cultures and Borders, Across previously held

Identity Constructs, Across ideas of what is 'Possible' or not,

Across memories and collective amnesia.

Across Expression and


We Meet Here and Now.

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 I want you to emancipate your body and your voice. I want you to wake up to new parts of yourself. I want you to experience deep states of liberation, purpose and pleasure. I want you to live a wonderful, expansive and supported existence.


 I want you to know it is safe and exciting to be wholeheartedly human. I want you to feel ready to stop dissasociating from everything that has happened. I want you to own that you came into being to make kick-ass change in your communities. I want you to own who you really are. 

 i want you to own your power and own your voice. 

 i want you to own your reason and own your ways. 

 i want you to rise and shine. 

 it is time, dear friend. it is time. 

Come, let me tell you my story.

I have been a creator and performer ever since I remember. I wrote secret poems in the night-time as a way to process my violent, unstable childhood. Being on stage was a kind of catharsis, where I was allowed to release the bottleneck of emotions inside me. Yet any kind of natural gift cannot be utilised meaningfully when it is unmastered. My gifts exploded out of me in moments when I did not mean them to. My wisdom was trapped within the tangle of my trauma. I was a time-bomb. 

One of my most memorable lessons in this life was the 6 months I spent in Changi Women's Prison when I was 19 years old. I was not able to write, as they regulated such materials in case of misuse. It was torture. I realised then, how much we need to express our creative energy. All humans are born creators, we just forget because in order to create, we have to feel - and it is hard to feel.

When I was done with my time, I went back to study performance but this time with the intention of using my skills in service. When my mother died quite suddenly a decade ago, I began a process of spiritual awakening while simultaneously learning how to create more advanced art and performance. This is how the pieces came together to make the vehicle which is Elevated Expression.

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2007 - Present

Trained in performance and facilitation from a young age. Began teaching in classrooms in 2010. I have formally studied Acting, Singing, Applied Drama, Contemporary Theatre, Psychology, Teaching and Learning, Biofield Healing, Various Energy Healing Techniques, Shamanic Practice, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing. I am always engaged in formal and self-study of something new.


2013 - Present

Performed music with projects like Wobology, The Ditha Project. Mantravine and producer Kiat on large and small stages across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Barcelona, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore.


2012 - Present

Published two books of poetry and toured two one-woman poetry shows, resident poet at LCB (Berlin) and The Marpha Foundation (Nepal). Resident at The Watermill Centre (Long Island, NY) Commissioned and toured in Germany, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Barcelona. My poems have been published by Penguin Random House and The Straits Times and i've also shared twice on the TEDx stage.


2008 - Present

Actress for Disney Asia, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Mediacorp Channel 5, pilots and short films, TV host for OKTO and Channel News Asia. Lots of stage and screen experience.

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