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My name is ArunDitha

Today, I'm going to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a girl who came from a really troubled home. In order to cope, she wrote poems in the night-time. Sometimes, she sang to the stars and performed for the birds. It was the best way she knew how to share herself and to resolve her painful emotions.

As time went on, the girl went astray. She got lost in the pain of the past and almost forgot the potential of the future, but not before she performed on many stages, for the likes of Disney and the Singapore Repertory Theatre. While she was contemplating the gravity of her errors, she realised something: She had thought that she wanted to be an actress but actually it turned out she was a poet all along - A poet who wanted to share her own words and the voice of her Soul, as a way to shine light on the wounds of the world (which were her wounds as well). After the girl cleaned up her act and got back on track, she began studying theatre, psychology and facilitation so that her art could help to Heal.

The girl grew into a woman, who performed her poems on many stages internationally. Suddenly she also found herself living her childhood dream of being a professional singer. She could then sing her poems instead. They sparked joy and inspiration in people's hearts and souls. 

But something was missing.


At some point, tired of making art for profit and being constantly busy, the woman moved away into the mountains to remember why she came Here at all. She realised that she felt a longing to share her acquired knowledge, skills and wisdom. She decided that she came into Being to help other humans find their Expressive, Confident, Coherent selves too.


She continued to tour with her band, perform on stages and create epic works of art, but she also knew that she was alive in order to Mentor her fellow travellers who were ready to Express themselves differently -

with more freedom and flow.

With their Whole Being. 

She desired to help people live a pleasure-filled existence, which is ultimately what Elevated Expression is about. Being ourselves is the ultimate Gift to us and the world, and the woman was wildly passionate about sharing her embodied understanding with humans from all walks of life.

She studied, she trained, she practiced, she grew into a qualified and loving practitioner. And then she birthed a company called Elevated Expression which guides people back to the truth of who they are - Works Of Art.


Thanks for reading my story, friend.

Welcome home to You.

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2013 - Present

Performed music with projects like Wobology, The Ditha Project. Mantravine and producer Kiat on large and small stages across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Barcelona, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore.


2012 - Present

Published two books of poetry and toured two one-woman poetry shows, resident poet at LCB (Berlin) and The Marpha Foundation (Nepal). Resident at The Watermill Centre (Long Island, NY) Commissioned and toured in Germany, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Barcelona. My poems have been published by Penguin Random House and The Straits Times and i've also shared twice on the TEDx stage.


2008 - Present

Actress for Disney Asia, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Mediacorp Channel 5, pilots and short films, TV host for OKTO and Channel News Asia. Lots of stage and screen experience.


2007 - Present

Trained in performance and facilitation from a young age. Began teaching in classrooms in 2010. I have formally studied Acting, Singing, Applied Drama, Contemporary Theatre, Psychology, Teaching and Learning, Biofield Healing, Various Energy Healing Techniques, Shamanic Practice, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing. I am always engaged in formal and self-study of something new.

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