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The Fundamental Offer




* Each session is a potent 60 minutes. Every package contains a private chat channel on Telegram or Signal to give you sustained energetic support through the whole process.


will clean you up good

 In 3 SESSIONS, we will : 

  • Identify limiting beliefs you have around your expression as a human being.

  • Do some cognitive rewiring.

  • Clear out old emotions from the closet.

  • Dissolve intergenerational data manifesting as stuck-ness in the Expression Pathways.

  • Dream up your Expression Ideals.

  • Make an action plan for you to become the person who embodies your Ideals.

  • Have a taste of who this person is.


You can expect to walk away from these 3 Sessions with a deeper understanding of yourself, your behavioural patterns around expression, and an increased confidence about how to be more of the Real desired You in everyday Life.

If you are an explorer at Expressing, you can expect to be able to navigate social situations with more ease, and have a bit more confidence in speaking your heart and mind. If you are an expert at Expressing, you can expect to begin tapping into the Soul of who you are at a creative level, inspiring more flow in your expressions.

In 6 SESSIONS, we will :

  •  Facilitate shifts in everything from the 3-Session package, and in addition to that...

  • Bring a whole new level of confidence into your physical expression, through addressing your posture, tone of voice and Expression Habits.

  • Understand and rewrite the underlying stories behind your current Expression Pathways - so you can form new routes to where you are going.

  • Begin to help you embody a desired Way Of Being. This is a process of imprinting your body and mind with your new expression, bring your desired self into real-life Activation.

After 6 sessions, clients can anticipate an irreversible increase in self-confidence, more coherence between thoughts and behaviours when it comes to expressing, and more direction in life, with purpose-driven action.


If you are an explorer at Expressing, you can expect to improve your sense of self-ownership in interactions with others. If you are an expert at Expressing, you can expect to access parts of yourself which increase the power and potential of your work, creations and loving relationships, dramatically increasing life satisfaction.


will help you to be confident & Clear


Will get you Ready for Your own Stage

In 9 SESSIONS, we will :

  • Cover everything from the previous 2 levels.

  • Address directly the blocks which stop you from performing and speaking with ease.

  • Address directly how to perform or speak (maybe to audiences) at your Desired Level.

  • Rehearse a new Persona to support you with presenting yourself and your work.

  • Activate a level of Self-Leadership that you never knew was available to you.

  • Support you to trust your Self in a whole new way of being. 

  • Guide you to share yourself more fully with the World - living an inspired, loving existence.

By the time we are done with 9 sessions you will perform in front of other people with ease - whether that be in social situations or at a board meeting. You will also embody more levels of your Soul Expression. This is an inevitable part of the process and will present different positive consequences for different clients. 

If you are an explorer at Expressing, you can expect to dramatically shift the way you communicate and show up in the world, with more confidence and clarity about who you are and why you're here. If you are an expert at Expressing, expect to experience whole new levels of yourself, both as a creative and spiritual being. You will access states of consciousness which will change you forever.

Does that all feel like too much commitment?

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