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Coaching and Consultancy Services


Performance and technical coaching

with a spiritual edge.

Appropriate for singers, dancers and performance artists who wish to process body and vocal blocks in a deeper or more novel way, to reach new levels of expansion in their presence and practice. A preference for those who have an existing practice in a creative art form, but exceptions can be made.

Get yourself 'Out There' coaching.

Mindset, goal-setting and emotional healing programme which will help you to move into the presentation and performance stage. Only appropriate for those who are clear that they are meant to be presenting or performing their work, but have not been able to do it yet because they need a boost of confidence, clarity or coherence to move forward.

Creative Consultancy.

Consultation and support for the conceptualisation and development of new or in-process projects across a variety of forms and multimedia.

session packages

60 minute sessions over Zoom

3 or more sessions

$150 per hour

7 or more sessions

$133 per hour

11 or more sessions

$122 per hour

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If you feel like we might be the right fit,

please send me a message or a voicemail over Telegram or WhatsApp to discuss our potential collaboration.

I can't wait to meet you!


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