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relational coaching to heal and transform destructive or painful mechanisms which prevent you from being who you want to be in your relationships

creative consultancy to directly address what needs to happen for your project/creation to take shape, so you can act on it in a step-by-step fashion

performance and technical coaching for established practitioners who want to get to the roots of their blockages


a focus on really moving you forward into aligned self-expression through somatic and vocal work, so you can present yourself in the way you have always desired 

youth-focused coaching for under 21s who could use help integrating their unique gifts in a conformist society

in-person and online presence development through performance techniques, as well as personal creative style through branding, vocal expression and fashion 


weekly 60 minute sessions over Zoom


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weekly 60 minute sessions over Zoom

and private Telegram/WA/Voxer

2 month minimum - book a call to arrange a consultation

Abstract Surface

shamanic healing

soul retrievals, extraction, light language, quantum fieldwork and ancient technologies from our ancestors and bloodlines

coaching and teaching

you will understand your unique expression system, this gives you clarity on how to get to the next dimension of your desired output/creations

vocal transformation

we open a field of non-physical and physical sound together, and support you to reach places in your voice you have never gone before

performance tech

we bring together energetics, mental rewiring and visioning practices with movement and vocal expression work to imprint a different expression for you within your physical body. this is one of the most successful ways my clients change themselves.

somatics and bodywork

an option for sessions which are focused on touch and meridian work if you are in Singapore -or somatic and body awareness work online to shift and soothe the cns

theta states

we open up subconscious information to help you to move in your chosen direction through invoking lower-brainwave states, states which allow you to access the deepest places within you

Interested? Message me to book a discovery call.

text or voicemail over Telegram or WhatsApp 


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